MyWorkDrive Enterprise Secure Remote File Access without VPN

Myworkdrive is a startup looking to answer a simple question: How can a company provide access to locally-stored files remotely, without VPN or having to move files to cloud servers such as Box, Dropbox, or even Azure and Amazon Web Services?

Dynamic Document Generation using Aspose

document generation

BAL is one of the largest immigration law firms in the nation. They manage immigration services for a number of companies around the world, generating a ton of government forms, emails, and letters. The firm was looking to enhance and add efficiency to its current form-generation process and its case management system.

Securing Apps using DUO 2 Factor Authentication Service

duo image

Myworkdrive, an enterprise cloud file sharing service, was looking for a two-factor authentication platform implemented within their custom code that included Web, Native Windows, and Android and IOS mobile applications.

Using QA Automation to Speed up Development and Product Life Cycle


As development schedules have become more compressed, companies are often looking for ways to deliver software faster while ensuring good quality control. Trial and error testing processes can be slow, expensive to implement, and require extensive resources. By using automation testing, organizations can test builds quickly and accurately.

Designing an Enterprise Procurement Applications to Increase Efficiency


A large European telecommunication company needed a procurement application to manage all of its assets. They came to Daxima looking for a comprehensive solution using Microsoft SharePoint and K2 BlackPearl workflow server.

The goal was to speed up the decision-making and approval process, reduce the need for physical paperwork, make collaboration easier, and create a more transparent process.

How to use Software Solutions to Add Efficiency and Visibility to Transportation Company

Transportation Image

New Pride Corporation (NPC)is a service provider that specialize in maintaining transportation equipments. The company provides maintenance work for railroads, trucks and trailers. IMS operates in most of the shipping hubs in the United States providing an outsourced maintenance service to shipping operators in the region. IMS has provided services for many large shipping providers, such as Union Pacific, CSX and Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF).

Financial Management Software

Financial Management Image

CCCS is one of the largest consumer credit counseling and financial agencies in the country. The non-profit company helps the community by enabling clients to secure mortgages, buy cars, and deal with financial problems.


Visachek image

Berry Appleman & Leiden, an international immigration and mobility firm based in San Francisco, wanted a system that would accurately answer a commonly asked question: Do I need a visa to travel? The goal was to design a system that could answer that question accurately by parsing a trove of visa data using a proprietary algorithm.

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