Securing Apps using DUO 2 Factor Authentication Service

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/ overview

Myworkdrive, an enterprise cloud file sharing service, was looking for a two-factor authentication platform implemented within their custom code that included Web, Native Windows, and Android and IOS mobile applications.


Javascript, Duo


2 developers



/ challenges

Because the solution had to work with a variety of client types, we needed centralized Rest API where each interface could connect to authenticate to DUO.


/ conceptual development

We evaluated a number of solutions on the market, such as Twilio, Authy, and Duo, and after an evaluation and proof of concept stage settled on Duo.

/ our approach

While Duo does provide a number of useful libraries for web-based applications, we had to design our own Rest API to support mobile and native Windows applications. The first step in the process was to create the rest web service API. Once this was completed and tested, we moved on to creating the authentication UI mechanism for both both the Windows and Mobile Applications.


/ result

I because of the SharePOint implementation, the client is able to take advantage of a standardized way of working with documents and information, So that users can focus more on doing their jobs and worry less about version control.After the new system went live,we provided technical and nontechnical support to the client’s IT department during the stabilization phase.


/ other case studies

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