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/ overview

In the age of online performance reviews, small businesses have little control of their customer feedback. Sites like Yelp and Angies List allow customers to rate businesses unfairly without providing direct access to the owners.

This means many owners end up feeling helpless in responding to those reviews, and they need a way to better communicate with their clients leaving the reviews.

Enter, Shmib.

Shmib was created to make a platform available for companies and their customers to directly interact with each other. Not only to resolve conflicts but also to maintain customer retention by opening the lines of communication.

A powerful observation the Daxima team made from building Shmib?

If you give your users a way to communicate with the business, they are less likely to post negative reviews on sites like Yelp, Tripadvisor etc.


Node.js, Postgres, Angular, Java, Swift




/ challenges

The Shmib startup vision required an application that would provide more data and more communication. This needed to happen on a platform where clients could easily interact with businesses in a retail environment.

The inventor of the application has run a business for the past 15 years and was frustrated with the current business review sites. These sites allowed the publication of negative material from customers he could never interact with. The review sites also never provided any specific detail of certain incidents. The Shmib inventor felt that if he had them, he could resolve certain situations more swiftly.

conceptual development

/ conceptual development

We understood how their dilemma could be frustrating for their business operations and success without a resource to properly resolve the conflict.

One of the core steps we take with a client is to get involved and understand their business perspective.

A key need we’ve identified in the many startups we’ve worked with, is the need for a quality product developed with a low overhead and in a swift manner. This was no different with the Shmib vision.

Shmib sent us a short five-page Powerpoint presentation. We converted this into a fully mobile & web product. This was largely due to our experience in working with startups through the whole software development lifecycle to produce a fully implemented product.

/ our approach

We built the online review system called Shmib, with full access from a web browser, tablet, or mobile app (IOS & Android).

This application allows owners of a company more access and information about their customer’s experience to better cater to their needs and future customers.

We used concepts from other popular web applications along with software we had already built to create a more streamlined application experience from the customer’s point of view.

We created Shmib using open source development and data storage applications. Our customer wanted a platform where he could maintain his product in a low-cost manner while having a variety of online resources at his disposal.

Early design reviews with our customer allowed us to display a high confidence level of expertise, giving them the comfort of a highly designed product.

Working with our customer in requirements gathering interviews, we were able to provide examples of our past experiences to help them create the perfect user experience for their application. Going through several prototypes with feature progression, gave the Shmib team the right amount of control over their product while implementing the technology to make the product successful.

our approach

/ result

Shmib were happy to walk away with a fully functional website and mobile application. It had streamlined usability for owners and customers. The Shmib team is thrilled to own an application that can directly communicate with their customers and help advertise their business as well.

The potential for scaling has also been explored as the Shmib team sees the usefulness in many types of businesses, not only their own. They will look to Daxima in the future to upgrade this product so that more companies can use it.

As of now, we don’t know of any other applications that do so which gives us great confidence of Shmib growing through the public marketplace.


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