Blockchain Technology Revolutionizing Food Safety


Daxima Software Partners with Cattle Ranchers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 26th, 2018 (San Francisco, CA)

Daxima– a leading software development firm in the San Francisco Bay Area is creating a blockchain system for a US-based cattle ranching conglomerate based out of Atlanta Georgia.

The application of blockchain technology is poised to revolutionize food safety with transparency and accountability and bring new visibility to the expression ‘farm to table.’

Blockchain technology will be applied to a new system tracking the entire lifespan of the cattle. Imagine scanning a bar code at the grocery store allowing access to data including details on conception, life span, gender, vaccines, types of feed, antibiotic use, pastures, ownership info, and dates processed. Immediate access to info is provided for the benefit of the consumer, animal welfare, and industry at large. The key factors Daxima will provide in their development are visibility, traceability, and trust. The agribusiness enterprise, Kelly Products based in Atlanta has partnered with Daxima to help further establish Kelly as the beef supply chain brand to trust. By design, a blockchain is resistant to modification of the data and accessible to multiple stakeholders.

Daxima is no stranger to complex problems and implementing streamlined business solutions. Founded over 14 years ago and creating some of the most exciting emerging technologies out there including a software application that enables secure remote file sharing without VPN or cloud migration, Daxima is at the forefront of cutting-edge software development.

Daxima CEO Ryan Tabibian says, “I am proud of my team and our accomplishments and we are excited to be working on this major Blockchain project. I recently visited one of the headquarters in person and saw some of the animals involved in the project which was amazing. Regulations are one thing but to have transparency over an entire production operation is going to be key­­­. Our clients asked for solutions to some complex problems and we are happy to deliver them.”

About Daxima

Daxima is an award-winning software development company with a strategic focus on cutting-edge projects in various industries. Headquartered in the SF Bay Area with offices in Europe, Daxima has expertise in web and mobile applications as well as complex custom solutions for Enterprise digital transformation.

by Jackie Rednour-Bruckman

Chief Marketing Officer | Daxima

[email protected]


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