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Our team of problem solvers are experts at their trade. We know firsthand the challenges startups face, and can help you through your journey.

  • MVP product development to test your ideas
  • Extensive experience working with startups
  • Quality code that scales with your business
  • Competitive pricing

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Who are we?

We’re an independent agency of experienced software engineers and problem solvers founded in California. Over the last 14 years, we’ve built a team of experts across the globe with the knowledge to handle your most complex software puzzles, from specification to UI design, development to  manual and automated QA testing


Daxima builds scalable, enterprise-grade software that lasts and will scale with your business. Our experienced staff will deliver the solution that your company needs on time and on budget. From concept to planning, development to QA and deployment, we are here for you.


Given our vast experience working with startups, we understand the flexibility you need to find the right solution and get to market quickly.

Rapid Start

As  an Agile firm, we can start on your project without having to wait for a detailed specification.  We are big believers in the power of iteration, and are happy to work with you until we get your project right. With boots on the ground on three continents, we have local talent in your timezone to work with you.

How can we help you?

Our global team relies on Agile, tight partnerships with client teams, and dedicated QA testing and automation to deliver software solutions that make your company better. Over the past 14 years, we’ve built hundreds of applications for clients of all sizes. Our expert problem solvers and developers,  know how to build great products in a cost effective way that meet your specifications.

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