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Daxima is an expert in building .Net applications.

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.Net Development Solutions

.NET is a one of the most popular software frameworks on the market today.  With the ability to write code in multiple languages such as C# and VB.Net, great community support and a mature framework, .Net is a great solution for organizations of all sizes.  While originally designed to work only on Windows servers, the latest open source version of .Net called .Net Core allows you to run the app on any platform.  .NET is the backbone software that now powers many web, mobile and cloud applications. One of the main reasons why so many software developers choose to use it is because of its vast class library (pre-written code). Applications using these class libraries are smaller in size, which also makes them run faster and simplifies the deployment process.

With our team of expert developers, you can now leverage the full power of the .NET framework. Our custom-made applications can run on a range of devices, operating systems and servers. Our reliable .NET solutions work for startups, medium-sized businesses and larger enterprises: We build a solution tailored to your requirements.

Daxima provides full-cycle .NET development services to customers from all around the globe. Our certified MS developers and professionals create process oriented, high performance apps and software that will help your business stay strong in today’s competitive marketplace.

We understand the importance of delivering finished applications quickly and at a reasonable cost without sacrificing quality. In order to ensure that our solution meets all of your requirements, we give you insight into every step of the development process.

About The Service

If you’re in search of a team of professionals to help create .NET applications that meet your specific business requirements, you’ve come to the right place. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of business software development has allowed us to help:

Innovative Startups

Looking for a lightweight software solution to launch their service and that also fits their budget.

Mid-Sized Businesses

Seeking a more scalable and supported platform that they can use to migrate their services to.

Established industry leaders

Larger enterprises in search of flexible cloud-based solutions that will integrate perfectly with their existing software solutions.

Highest Quality .Net Based Solutions

We offer .NET solutions that adapt to today’s diverse computing environment easily thanks to their scalability and integration capacity. We offer advanced solutions for web-based applications, enterprise or distributed software with focus on stability, functionality and scalability.

Long-term Partnership

Our goal is to be more than just a simple developer of .NET applications. We will be your business partner and help ensure the long-term success of your enterprise. As part of our commitment to be your long-term business partner, we offer attractive maintenance and support packages.

Goal-oriented Approach

Our software development solutions help you take advantage of everything the .NET framework has to offer, such as lightweight solutions, superior scalability and integration capacity. Manage projects and documents, modernize your existing business applications, collaborate on projects with your team members and streamline all your processes.

Quick Development and Iterations

We don't require detailed specifications to get started with the development process. Our development team will continue to adapt your application based on the feedback you give us until you're completely satisfied with the work we've done for you.

Specialized .Net Development

All of our app development work and related services are done exclusively in-house. We combine a strong and highly efficient technology stack with a team of proficient developers who have extensive experience in all things .NET related. This includes programming languages, user interfaces, web-based applications and services, security, plus the many CMS and data providers commonly used by businesses to power their online assets.

Minimum Disruption and Future Proof

All of our certified .NET specialists keep up with all platform and code developments to ensure your solution works impeccably. The .NET solutions we develop integrate seamlessly into your existing framework and work optimally on any device or platform that you need. We'll launch your new .NET app in a way that won't disrupt the operations of your company.

Competitive Pricing

We know how to find a solution that works within your budget. Whether you are searching for a .NET based solution for a new business venture, want to stay on top of latest developments in technology, or desire to take advantage of the many benefits provided by migrating to the cloud, we will take you there.

.Net Development Features

Thanks to the power and flexibility offered by Agile methodology, your project will be ready to change through iterations so that it fully complies with your requirements and stays on top of market demands.

Client Centric Approach

You are the single-most important element of developing your .NET-based solution. Whether you need a simple standalone desktop program, an enterprise application or a highly advanced web solution, we can develop it rapidly and build upon it based on your continuous input.

Quality Assurance

We completely cover all unit, manual and automated testing. Our comprehensive quality assurance testing is done before we deploy your solution in order to catch any possible bugs or other issues that could have an impact on the performance of your application.

Agile Planning

We carefully plan development and deployment of your solution. The deployment methods we use are adapted to the needs of your business, its existing infrastructure and the type of solution we’ve created for you, allowing us to deploy your new software without disrupting your activities in any way. Thanks to our wide industry experience combined with proven research techniques, we will make sure you are competitive on the market and have efficient, fast and lightweight applications.

About Us

We’re an agency in San Francisco specializing in the development of custom business software solutions. Our experience stretches back 14 years and involves using the latest advancements in technology to provide useful solutions to the needs of today’s businesses.

We’ve done work for companies of various sizes, ranging from startups to Fortune 100. Our approach to software development involves using fully autonomous teams that can work on each feature of your .NET-based solution, from the initial planning phase all the way to final deployment, maintenance and upgrades.

Our agency has the talent needed to make any .NET development project we take on 100% successful. Our team members include .NET specialists, certified application developers, UI/UX experts, business analysts, QA specialists and dedicated mobile developers.

What We Offer

We take great pride in providing software development solutions that fit your budget, meet your goals, and are delivered on time.

Rapid Start

Certified scrum masters supervise all .NET development projects to make sure they can be iterated and completed quickly.

A True Extension of Your Team

We assign a customized and dedicated team to your project. Our team can either integrate completely with your existing in-house software development team or work as a separate extension of your business.

Constant Availability

We have operations active on 3 continents. This lets you take advantage of our expertise in the time zone of your preference.

What We Do

We create highly customized powerful and flexible .NET solutions that address any specific business needs you may have in a way that off-the-shelf software solutions can’t fulfill. We know how to develop .NET web-based solutions tailored for you, and only you, whether you need a completely new application, an extension of your existing software solutions, a simple web application, VB to .NET conversion or full application re-engineering.

Before deployment, your application will go through a thorough QA process. Our QA testing experts will test its stability, performance and usability on all the platforms it’s made to run on.

Our .Net Development Services Let You:

  • Leverage our extensive .NET expertise, which spans product implementation, design, development and on-going support and optimization.
  • Boost the performance of your existing applications by migrating them to .NET framework.
  • Customize any third-party .NET solutions you use to make them meet your needs more efficiently.
  • Get multi-tier applications you can easily deploy to the cloud and scale.
  • Use our proven software delivery practices to ensure your solution is delivered with minimum disruption.
  • Take advantage of shorter development times, resulting in lower costs for your customers.
  • Get professional consulting and product strategy services.

Don’t worry about future implementation challenges and technology developments, we are always ready. Whichever services your business requires, we have the capability to meet your needs.

Are you in search of a custom software solution that makes it easy for your business to adapt to changing market conditions and grow at a rapid pace? Our software development solutions are affordable and made to meet the needs of your business.

Get in touch with us today and tell us what you had in mind!

We can put together a fully customized, scalable and highly reliable software solutions tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Just get in touch with us to let us know what you need and we’ll show you what we can do for you.