Front End UI/UX Development

We provide front-end UI/UX development services that will take your customers on an amazing journey that will also convey the core values and mission of your company. Our services allow you to make a strong connection between your company and its target audience by helping them understand how you can be beneficial to them. Our UI and UX Front End development services support Agile delivery and are specifically tuned to your company and the industry you operate in.

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Front End UI/UX Development Services

A powerful UI and UX is essential if you want to provide better onboarding for your clients, get higher user adoption rates and boost your sales. The user interfaces we create are clean, simple, innovative, efficient and intuitive. They’re designed to give users an optimal experience with your products and services. Startups, medium-sized businesses and larger enterprises all benefit from our services, as we have the skill and flexibility to take on projects of all sizes, whether they’re simple and straightforward or more complex and elaborate.

We deliver full cycle Front End UI/UX development. This includes research, IA and wireframes, user testing, development, integration and support. With us as your Agile, hands-on Front-End UI/UX partner, you can reach out to your users and make a positive impact on them. Thanks to our global presence, you have access to our services wherever you operate from. We are cost efficient, transparent and deliver rapidly, all while giving you full insight into the work we do for you every step of the way.

Who Needs this Service

If you’ve been searching for a partner that can help you reach your customers through your business message and values, you’re at the right place. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we’re able to help:

Innovative Startups

Small businesses who need a partner that knows how to create a responsive UI/UX that will work on all platforms (web/mobile).

Mid-Sized Businesses

Companies who want to give their products a modern UI/UX, thus providing their customers with an optimal experience across platforms.

Established industry leaders

Larger enterprises seeking a partner providing full Front-End services that can engineer a custom solution that works for all app platforms.

Highest Quality Front End UI/UX Development

We help your business make a good impression with its customers by providing top-notch Front End UI/UX development services that let you provide superior experiences to your target audience at all times. By working with us, you’ll get:

Long-term Partnership

As your active business partner, we'll worth with you on both your short and long-term goals. Thanks to our services, you will be able to build a loyal audience by giving them a great experience, no matter which platform they're using. With our support and maintenance packages, all your future needs will be taken care of.

Goal-oriented Approach

In addition to providing full cycle Front-End development, we can also help you with any part of your software project. For example, we create information architecture and wireframes, prototypes, design layouts and can perform coding and research as needed. We have years of experience to back us up when developing solutions that integrate well with your current products and that are finely tuned to the needs of your users.

Quick Development and Iterations

We can begin the development process as soon as we start working for you. Our team of experts will perform research to understand the needs of your users, as well as your business goals. We'll also analyze your current UI, UX, IA and wireframes. This allows us to deliver optimal solutions for you and your users too. Once we begin working on your project, we'll adapt and iterate based on the feedback you provide along the way.

Specialized Development

As we believe that every client should have a Front-End UI/UX developed specifically for them, we offer much more than simply putting together pre-made features. We use latest tech solutions and platforms, including Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, Kendo, .Less, Data Table, AngularJS, JavaScript, Rest API, AJAX in the process. We help improve the UI and UX of your Front End by putting together an engaging interface that blends in well with your corporate identity and lets you reach out to your users. Our full cycle Front End development services ensure that we can carry out all needed tasks, including testing and prototyping. We deliver all our Front-End UI/UX development services in-house to ensure best quality and consistency.

Minimum Disruption and Future Proof

We will not disrupt your company's operations while implementing our solutions. You'll get seamless and hassle-free integration with your existing assets. UI and UX should evolve with time. Therefore we offer upgrade solutions to ensure that yours stay on top of the latest developments in technology, in addition to meeting the expectations of your users.

Competitive Pricing

We provide solutions that are budget-friendly. At the start, we'll study your project from A to Z, so that you only pay for the services that you need.

Front End UI/UX Development Features

Thanks to our use of Agile methodology, we’ll create a Front End UI/UX that can quickly respond to changes. With us, you’ll never have to worry about your UI/UX being outdated.

Client Centric Approach

We believe in the importance of mutual collaboration. Therefore, we work closely with you to figure out your specific business needs. We then create a customized solution that will meet them, instead of using a “one size fits all” approach. When you partner with us, you’re the center of our services. We’ll ensure you get better ROI, more engagement and valuable new business opportunities.

Quality Assurance

We have a team of QA engineers that have a thorough understanding of all standard test types. We offer both automated and manual testing. Our QA process aims to ensure that your Front-End UI/UX solution integrates seamlessly with your products and works optimally now and in the future.


With us, you’re always in control and have full access to our team at each step of the process. We plan every project thoroughly and only use proven and disruption-free methods.

About Us

Daxima is a software development agency based in San Francisco that has over 14 years of experience in the industry. We provide our customers with custom-made software solutions that address their specific needs. We have a passion for technology and regularly work on the quality of our services so that we can stay on top of the latest developments, which allows us to provide solid answers to even the most complicated software puzzles.

We have a superb talent pool that allows us to achieve optimal results for each client. Our team includes certified application developers, mobile developers, software specialists, UI/UX experts, security specialists and business analysts. Thanks to our many years of experience in planning, designing and integrating Front End UI/UX systems, we’ve become leading experts in the field.

We’re highly motivated and driven by results. Our company has a passion for constantly improving its workflows and processes. We have the know-how to work closely with companies of different sizes, such as innovative startups and large enterprises.

What We Offer

Quick Start

We begin working on your project quickly. Our aim is to give you a solution that is in full alignment with your goals right from the start.

An Extension of Your Team

You’ll get a dedicated team that reports directly to you, working exclusively on your project and collaborating with your staff.

Full Availability

Our expertise and operations are offered on 3 continents, ensuring that you’ll have access to our services whenever and wherever you need them.

What We Do

We provide our clients with Front End UI/UX development solutions that answer their specific business needs. With our solutions, you’ll reach a wider audience and keep them engaged.

Thanks to our services, you can:

  • Offer a visually appealing and interactive UI that is intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Build interactive prototypes for any web, mobile or standalone application.
  • Get the perfect website design and architecture with custom functions.
  • Enjoy modular product design that is fully future-proof and scalable.
  • Take advantage of the latest in technology to provide exceptional user experiences.
  • Receive successful solutions delivered quickly and at an affordable price.
  • Create incredible value for your customers that drives business growth.

Our skills and experience allow us to tackle the latest developments and future implementation challenges head on. No matter what kind of services you require, we can come up with a solution that meets your needs perfectly.

Are you looking for a partner that will create a robust and responsive Front-End UI combined with breathtaking UX? Get in touch with our team of Front End UI/UX development specialists today to get an overview of what we can do for you!