Enterprise Content Management (SharePoint)

We offer enterprise content management solutions that help you automate your business processes, boost employee engagement and make collaboration easier. Thanks to our services, you can achieve better management of your workflows, better collaboration, as well as increased quality and overall productivity. No matter which industry you operate in, we can provide you with ECM SharePoint customization and consulting through Agile delivery.

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Enterprise Content Management Services

If you want your business to succeed, it’s essential that you understand how to get maximum value from your content. Enterprise content management platforms allow you to organize unstructured information, the goal being to find and access it whenever it’s needed.

With our SharePoint-based enterprise content management services, you’ll be able to fully harness this technology to achieve your organization’s business goals. The result is higher efficiency, productivity, andROI. We’re able to take on projects of various complexity, so our solutions work for startups, medium-sized businesses and large enterprises.

We offer full cycle SharePoint ECM services: from consultingto architecture, design, migration, customization, andsupport, we do it all. With us as your Agile, hands-on ECM SharePoint partner, you can reach your goals faster than you would have ever thought possible.

Daxima has a global presence. No matter where you do business, you can leverage our services there. We provide our SharePoint ECM services in a fully transparent and cost-efficientmanner. When you hire us, you’ll have complete insight into what we’re doing for you every step of the way.

About The Service

If you’re looking for a partner that can help you solve your business problems, look no further. Our knowledge of business IT systems and years of practical experience enable us to help:

Innovative Startups

Smaller businesses who need to create and organize content quickly.

Mid-Sized Businesses

Growing companies who want an assessment of their current business processes and require a structured approach to establish an ECM roadmap.

Established industry leaders

Larger corporations seeking a partner that will help them leverage the full power of a structured SharePoint environment in a way that will benefit their daily business operations.

Highest Quality Software Maintenance and Upgrades

We’re here to help your business with our enterprise content management services. With us, you can leverage improved quality and shortened time to market. Here’s what we offer you:

Long-term Partnership

We want to be your active business partner and work together with you on your short and long-term goals. Our ECM SharePoint services allow you to create a more reliable IT architecture. If you need to make changes in the future, we have support and maintenance packages that let you easily do so.

Goal-oriented Approach

Whether you need a full cycle ECM solution, or help during the assessment, analysis, design, planning, configuration or deployment phases, we're there to get the job done. Our extensive ECM experience allows us to put together and deploy ECM solutions that will work flawlessly in different environments, such as intranets, extranets, public websites, member communities, business intelligence dashboards and mobile sites.

Quick Development and Iterations

We can start working on your project immediately. Our SharePoint experts will take your needs into account, do a thorough analysis of your current infrastructure and software, then offer you the best solutions to boost the performance of your operations. After we begin working for you, we'll continue to adapt and iterate our work based on your feedback.

Specialized Development

We believe that every client deserves a customized, one-of-a-kind SharePoint solution that meets their needs fully. We help you get the best possible SharePoint solution, meaning one that not only works great but is also attractive for end users. You'll get the best possible UI and UX, combined with engaging sites that fit in well with your existing brand image. We offer custom tools that can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud, as well as custom integration modules. Unlike some competing providers, we don't outsource our clients' projects to third parties. All services are done exclusively in-house by our team of SharePoint experts.

Minimum Disruption and Future Proof

You can be assured that your company's operations will not be disrupted. We know how to seamlessly integrate SharePoint with any other enterprise systems you may use, such as ERP, CRM and HR systems, Exchange Server, accounting software, etc. We understand that your business needs are going to change and evolve over time, which is why we'll always be around to help you make the upgrades and changes.

Competitive Pricing

We strive to deliver solutions that are budget friendly. When we begin working for you, we study your project carefully so that we can deliver those ECM solutions that you truly need. With us, you'll never have to worry about paying for features or services that are of no benefit to your organization.

Enterprise Content Management Features

Thanks to our use of Agile methodology, we’re able to deliver enterprise content management services that let you better mitigate risks, reduce time to market and deal with a changing world as efficiently as possible. With our professional ECM services, you’ll get the following benefits:

Client Centric Approach

We strongly believe that the path to success is one that includes mutual collaboration. Therefore we’ll work closely with you to ensure that we understand your business needs and deliver a solution that truly works for you. You’re the center of our services and we want to ensure you’ll be fully satisfied with the work we do for you.

Quality Assurance

We have a team of QA engineers that are well-versed in all the standard test types. We provide both automated and manual testing. Our QA team is there to make sure that your SharePoint ECM solution can integrate seamlessly with your existing IT systems, in addition to working optimally, having a great UI/UX and being engaging to the end-user.


With us, you’re always in control. We give you full access to the project, so you’ll always know what we’re doing for you and why. We use proven and disruption-free methods on all projects.

About Us

We’re a San Francisco software development agency that has more than 14 years of industry experience. We’ve always provided our customers with technology solutions that are adapted to their needs and can help them overcome any challenges they’re facing. We closely follow the latest technology developments, which allows us to deliver up-to-date services that can help businesses tackle even the most complex software puzzles.

We have a brilliant talent pool at our disposal, including software specialists, certified application developers, mobile developers, UI/UX experts, security specialists and business analysts. Our firm has been recognized as experts in the field of SharePoint ECM solutions, as we have many years of experience indesigning, planning, configuring and deploying enterprise content management systems in every possible scenario.

We’re highly motivated, results-oriented and have a passion for improving the quality of our workflows and processes. Throughout the years, we’ve worked closely with businesses of various sizes, ranging from small, but innovative startups, all the way to Fortune 100 companies.

What We Offer

Quick Start

Right from the beginning, we’ll align our solutions to your goals so that you have an ECM system that works for you.

An Extension of Your Team

You get a dedicated team of experts that work exclusively on your project and reports directly to you. This enables close collaboration with your in-house teams.

Full Availability

As we have experts deployed across three continents, you’ll have access to our expertise whenever you need it.

What We Do

Daxima provides enterprise content management solutions that help our clients find answers to their business requirements. When you hire us to build an ECM solution, you can boost the performance of your business and its market momentum. 

Our services allow you to:

  • Leverage the power of SharePoint to transform knowledge into a valuable asset.
  • Grow the adoption of SharePoint within your organization and increase user satisfaction.
  • Ensure the continuity of your business processes and get a guarantee that you’ll be able to accomplish your goals.
  • Help your employees perform better and make more contributions to your company.
  • Turn SharePoint into a collaboration engine that drives your teams, encouraging everyone’s input and enhancing their confidence.
  • Transform business processes into highly effective workflows.
  • Release your projects in a timely and cost-effective way.

We’re here to tackle the latest developments and implementation challenges head-on. No matter what kind of SharePoint ECM services you require, we can deliver them.

Are you looking for a partner that knows how to design an optimal ECM solution for your business? Get in touch with us today and let our enterprise content management specialists show you what SharePoint can do for your business.