Application Performance

We provide application performance testing and solutions that will bring higher efficiency to your whole business application infrastructure. Common backend service issues such as bad APIs, slow load times, high error rates, unbalanced server loads, and more will become easier to track and remedy. Our solutions increase the transparency of even the most complicated microservices systems. Our solutions are also designed to optimize management of virtual cloud environments where dynamic performance is crucial.

Application Performance Solutions

One of the keys to success in modern business is providing an excellent customer experience. Time lags and erratic performance resulting from errors and software bugs can be frustrating even to the most enthusiastic customers, driving them away to look for more streamlined interactions at your competitors’.
The performance monitoring you can maintain with our solutions will help you spot and resolve application issues, limit system vulnerability, and ensure seamless operations across all your vital business functions.

We offer application performance solutions that can be customized to your specific needs. Our goal is to maximize the performance and benefits you get from your IT infrastructure and empower you to diagnose the root cause of any application problems.

The solutions we deliver include improved management of web-based processes, smooth integration of mobile and wearables technology, and machine learning capabilities that allow you to establish baselines for every business metric that is important to you.

Our services are engineered for timeliness and cost-efficiency. You’ll have complete visibility into every step of the implementation process. If your organization operates internationally, you can leverage our solutions at business locations around the world.

Who Needs this Service

If your company requires a stable platform for your infrastructure and applications, you can find the right solution with us. With our experience and expertise, we can help:

Innovative Startups

Companies bringing bold innovations to their niche need to get their systems functioning optimally from day one.

Mid-Sized Businesses

Small-to-medium companies need to boost performance and reduce issues to maintain an architecture that scales reliably with business growth.

Established industry leaders

Companies that are well on their way to becoming leaders in their industry need a technical resource that allows them to monitor all their business silos and multiple networks.

Highest Quality Application Performance

Our team of specialists can help you achieve the application performance standard you need to stay competitive. Lasting success in today’s evolving digital landscape requires:

An Ongoing Partnership

We are committed to being an active partner in your pursuit of your business goals. Our solutions are engineered so that your applications will run within your infrastructure without performance issues or time lags. You can easily spot potential issues before they create disruptions. We also offer appealing support and maintenance options, so you'll be able to count on getting our help if you need it.

Goal-oriented Approach

Implementing our application performance solutions ensures that your systems will operate smoothly from day one. We will assist you with development, installation, and deployment too. Enabling a better customer experience takes a range of technologies working cohesively on the backend, and our solution provides visibility into every step of the customer journey so you can be certain you're providing perfect service to your end-user. Whether you wish to focus on performance improvement across microservices, troubleshooting issues, improving app features, or tracking network performance through visual tools, we cover all of that and more.

Quick Development and Iterations

We don't ask for highly detailed specifications before we get started. We'll assess your business and technical needs through high-level application mapping, code-based diagnostics, and dynamic performance baselines. We will continue with iterations and adaptations based on your feedback and input.

Specialized Development

With our solution, you will easily see every element in even the most complex, cloud-based systems and monitor their performance. We provide the visibility and efficiency that propels business growth. All of our solutions are done in-house to allow total transparency into infrastructure changes.

Minimum Disruption and Future Proof

We take all the measures needed to ensure that your business workflows aren't disrupted. You'll be able to rely on a central overview of your complete application stack to observe the effects in context during every second of operation. With high-performance capabilities, you'll be able increase the productivity of you teams and focus on priorities through rapid deployment cycles and quick resolution of issues. We'll also take the time to maintain and enhance your applications at all times.

Competitive Pricing

Leveraging our solutions won't require you to stretch your budget. We'll design and develop the right solution for your needs, including prompt identification and resolution of any issues that come up.

Application Performance Features

By utilizing the Agile Methodology, we can efficiently develop solutions that integrate with existing processes to deliver a flexible yet seamlessly performing system.

Client Centric Approach

Collaboration between partners is crucial to success in any project. We are prepared to work closely with you to be certain we understand and fulfill your business needs. Client satisfaction is the foundation of our services, and the application performance system we provide you will be optimized to keep your applications running perfectly. If you need ongoing diagnostics of performance problems or automated detection of system anomalies, we can provide these functionalities too.

Quality Assurance

Your systems will run at top performance and without issues. Our integration and deployment cover manual, unit, and automated testing cycles. We’ll follow up with thorough testing of performance and potential risks. Our process involves highly trained QA experts who make sure that there are no anomalies or complications in the operation of your applications, databases, networks, or original content.

Agile Planning

Our services provide you with real-time insights into the performance of your entire infrastructure. Our teams will employ proven methods to ensure your experience is free of disruptions and delays.

About Us

Daxima is a software development agency based in San Francisco. We’ve acquired more than 14 years of experience in troubleshooting business infrastructures. We utilize only the most up-to-date technologies to solve even the most complex software puzzles and provide our customers with the means to optimize their systems.

Our teams are comprised of certified application developers, mobile app programmers, software experts, business analysts, and UI/UX specialists along with QA and security professionals. We work closely with you to provide the level of performance you need.

Throughout our career, we have worked with companies of various sizes: from startups, all the way to Fortune 100 companies.

What We Offer

Quick Start

We’ll begin testing your application performance right away, so we can quickly address problems and craft the right solution.

An Extension of Your In-House Teams

Consider us an extension of your staff. We’ll work closely with your employees to provide guidance in effecting the best solution.

Ready Whenever You Need Us

We serve customers across three continents. No matter what time zone you’re in, you can reach our specialists whenever you need answers.

What We Do

Our goal is to empower our clients with tailor-made solutions. Our application performance solutions are designed to ensure that your business platforms aren’t impacted by delays or software bugs and provide a smooth user experience.

We also assist in training your IT staff and business teams for the most beneficial results. Our QA experts do extensive checks to ensure that application calls function smoothly for a user-friendly and stable solution.

With our application performance solutions in place, you can:

  • Improve performance, monitor, and troubleshoot various aspects of your system, from network infrastructure to frontend and mobile applications.
  • Identify all issues so you can optimize the customer experience.
  • Enhance digital processes and accelerate application development.
  • Upgrade your systems to the latest standards, enable real-time performance management, and explore a range of options for effective problem resolution.
  • Track application performance and maintain required service levels.
  • Monitor every development in your apps and digital services.
  • Implement proactive monitoring and alerts so you catch problems before they affect your customers.
  • Save on costs and complex problem solving by leveraging our expertise.

We can prepare your solution to offer more long-term value and performance by integrating the latest technologies. No matter what services you want to implement, we can ensure that our solution meets those needs.

Can your company benefit from new insights and improvements of your application performance?

Our custom application performance solutions provide you with a key strategy for pleasing your customers and driving growth. Contact us today and discover what we can do for your company!