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With the majority of users browsing the web on mobile devices, developing your mobile applications the right way can certainly bring a wide range of benefits to your business. We specialize in the development of fully custom mobile apps that are built according to your unique needs and requirements.

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The Value of Mobile Solutions

Whether you’re going mobile to make your internal operations more efficient, connect better with your customers or increase the visibility of your brand, we can build an app that will help you achieve your objectives.

We have extensive experience working with businesses from all over the nation. The high-quality mobile solutions we offer can help fast-growing startups, medium-sized businesses and large enterprises that want to boost their efficiency, outreach and usability.

As mobile application development experts, we can either:

  • Create a completely new and unique app or
  • Extend your existing desktop and web-based applications to a mobile platform.

We have a multidisciplinary team of mobile development experts ready to get to work on your project. Our dedicated mobile developers and UI/UX experts will work with you and your in-house teams to deliver a mobile app that does the job it’s supposed to and has an intuitive interface that will make it easy to use.

Our goal is to bring you valuable mobile solutions that will meet all of your requirements, all while staying within budget and delivering the solution in a timely fashion.

Our experts will be with you every step of the way. We will learn about your needs, requirements, the desired functions of your app and the way your business operates. We’ll be at your disposal from concept right to deployment and stay for support and updates as well.

About The Service

If you’re in search of the right mobile solution for your business, you’re in the right place. Daxima has extensive experience providing mobile applications to:

Innovative Startups

Companies that are just getting off the ground can benefit from having a customized mobile solution built for them right from the very start.

Mid-Sized Businesses

Many companies have existing web-based or desktop software. We help them transfer it to mobile platforms.

Established industry leaders

Larger enterprises often have in-house software development teams, but can benefit from working with a team of mobile specialists when they want to ensure that their software will truly meet the needs of their end users.

Mobile Solutions
Focused on Your Goals

We make high performance, transformative and native applications that will run smoothly on Android and iOS mobile devices. Here’s how we do it:

Long-term Partnership

We want to be more than just a company you've hired to create software. We strive to be a long-term business partner you can always depend on. As technology moves forward, we'll be there to help you follow the latest developments and upgrade your apps.

Goal-oriented Approach

When we create a mobile solution for you, we'll cater to all of your needs. Before starting development work, we'll take the time necessary to understand what you need in your app. This lets us make sure all of the features you require will be there. Whether the app you need will be used only internally by your employees or will be made available to the public, you'll get the high-quality mobile software solution.

Quick Development and Iterations

We can begin the development process without needing detailed specifications. Our team will adapt the mobile app to your input through iterations and will ensure your full satisfaction.

Backend Development

As mobile application development specialists, we understand that all mobile apps also require backend infrastructure to support the front-end modules. The most successful mobile apps use a backend infrastructure of RestAPIs. Our team of experts will do everything needed to make a fully optimized backend for you. This includes building the necessary databases to support all of your app's functions.

Minimum Disruption and Future Proof

We plan the deployment in a way that guarantees your transition will be seamless. When you deploy your app, your company's operations will not be disrupted in any way. Our mobile developers create apps that are flexible and adaptable to changes. We'll remain available in the future should you need to upgrade your software or just want to enhance it by adding new functionality.

Competitive Pricing

Whether you're an established business that needs an app to branch out into the mobile world or you need an innovative mobile solution for a new business venture, we'll be able to find solutions that work for you, all while staying within your budget.

Features of the Service

We take advantage of agile methodology to develop quick concepts, adapt them to your needs and keep improving them until we have created an app for iOS or Android that has everything you wanted.

Client Centric Approach

Our developers believe that getting the client’s response during all stages of mobile development is crucial to putting together a successful app. We’ll adapt, improve and iterate the software we’re building until you are satisfied.

Quality Assurance

We firmly believe in delivering a quality product to you. This is why we have a highly skilled QA team that will thoroughly test all of your app’s features and functions before deploying it. We perform unit, manual and automated testing.

Agile Planning

The key to a successful app launch is having details planned beforehand. Our experience working with clients in various industries, combined with our proven research techniques let us deliver the insights necessary to a strategy for success. We’ll listen to your wishes, needs and goals, in addition to researching what your market and potential user bases likes and expects from the mobile apps they use.

About Us

We are a software development agency based in San Francisco. Our agency has more than 14 years of experience assisting businesses from dozens of different industries in solving complex problems by leveraging the latest technology. Daxima is a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced application developers, mobile app development specialists, UI/UX experts, business analysts and QA analysts. We can solve even the most complicated software puzzles with ease. Our list of satisfied clients stretches from forward-thinking startups to Fortune 100 companies that have had an industry presence for decades.

What We Offer

We take great pride in providing software development solutions that fit your budget, meet your goals, and are delivered on time.

Quick Start

If you need things done quickly, we have the capability to start on your project immediately and adapt it through iterations. We’ll be in touch with you throughout the whole process, so that you’ll know what we’re doing for you at all times.

An Extension of Your Team

Should your company have an in-house team of IT professionals, our highly organized and efficient teams will be glad to work together with them. We will be their right hand and help you achieve exactly what you had in mind.

Always Available

Our custom software building expertise is available in any place and at any time. We have operations in three continents, ensuring that local experience and talent will always be available in your time zone.

What We Do

We develop complete mobile applications that are customized to your company’s needs. Whether you have an idea for a completely new mobile app that will be built from scratch or would like to port your existing software to mobile platforms, we have the skill and talent to get it done. Every mobile application we develop is thoroughly tested by our QA experts to ensure it will run smoothly and fit in seamlessly with your existing systems when necessary.

If the software you’re using right now is missing features, we can come up with a solution that will provide them to you, all while preventing compatibility issues. Our software will work flawlessly, regardless of the operating system platforms or other application your company is using right now.

Our Services Include:

  • Full mobile app development solutions
  • Project management and quality assurance
  • Expert guidance on code development
  • Custom UX/UI design services
  • Working together with your in-house software developers on parts of your project
  • Help in streamlining your business operations by going mobile

Are you tired of dealing with missing features in your business software that make it tedious and inconvenient to do your job?

We can put together a fully customized, scalable and highly reliable software solutions tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Just get in touch with us to let us know what you need and we’ll show you what we can do for you.