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We provide business intelligence solutions that help you make informed decisions and optimize your organization’s performance. With our services, you can easily identify and minimize business risks and make critical decisions in confidence. No matter which industry your business operates in, we help you gain deep insights and achieve successful outcomes.

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Business Intelligence Services

In today’s world, relying on guesstimates won’t get you far. Businesses are now data driven and need to make well informed decisions to succeed. By using our business intelligence services, you too can leverage the power of a data driven approach to reach timely, well-informed decisions. This is no matter what kind of platforms, applications, or infrastructure environments you use.

Our services meet the needs of startups, medium-sized businesses, and enterprises. We focus on providing you with solutions that process data flawlessly and let your company perform at peak efficiency.

We help you with a full scope of end-to-end BI services. These include BI consulting and development, data visualization and dashboarding, BI health check and testing. With us as your agile, hands-on business intelligence partner, your company will have the crucial data it needs to achieve its goals.

Our services are available in every corner of globe. We offer business intelligence solutions that are time and cost efficient. Your input will be crucial when you work with us, as we believe in the importance of transparency and giving our clients insights into every step of the process.

About The Service

If you’re in search of a partner well in tune with your business requirements, look no further. Our extensive knowledge and experience lets us help:

Innovative Startups

Small businesses getting off the ground who know the value of data.

Mid-Sized Businesses

Companies looking to optimize their performance and understand their industry better thanks to the power of end-to-end analytics.

Established industry leaders

Larger corporations interested in finding a partner capable of putting together customized business intelligence platforms in addition to delivering professional BI consulting services.

Highest Quality Business Intelligence

We have what it takes to help your business thrive. Our specialty is providing business intelligence services that allow your company to get ahead in a data driven world. With such a highly competitive and constantly evolving environment, it’s useful to have a partner who knows how to get you ahead. The main advantages of working with us include:

Long-term Partnership

Others may be satisfied with just being a consultant. We aren’t. We strive to be an active partner in the success of your business. We truly want you to achieve your goals, both long and short term. Thanks to our business intelligence services, you can build and optimize your data gathering, processing and reporting operations. We have support and maintenance packages to ensure your business is ready to face any and all future changes.

Goal-oriented Approach

Whether you already have your own BI strategy and methodologies and want to make sure they are good, need consulting services to improve them, or want to benefit from end-to-end business intelligence solutions, we've got you covered. As our solutions are tailored to your needs, we can help whether you need comprehensive services or just some help with specific aspects of your business intelligence.

Quick Development and Iterations

Detailed specifications aren't necessary for us to start working. We'll do a full analysis of your performance, methodology and strategy. This helps us provide an overview and plan the next steps so that we can find a solution that meets your needs perfectly. We continue to adapt and iterate the solution based on your feedback.

Specialized Development

While ready-made solutions may seem attractive due to their convenience and low cost, they come with too many limitations to be truly useful. We tailor your BI solutions to match the needs of your business specifically. When we use modules and plugins from third-party vendors, we make sure to customize them and integrate them fully into the enterprise infrastructure. Unlike some of our competitors, we don't outsource our work. Our services are delivered exclusively by our in-house team of BI experts.

Minimum Disruption and Future Proof

We deliver our BI solutions in a non-disruptive manner. Daxima will be there to maintain and enhance your systems whenever necessary.

Competitive Pricing

Custom development doesn't have to come with high costs. Our high-performance business intelligence solutions are also budget friendly. We deliver our services at competitive prices by selecting the most optimal integration and migration methods, frameworks and visualization tools.

Business Intelligence Features

Agile methodology helps us deliver business intelligence services that propel you to the top. By taking advantage of our customized solutions, you can analyze traditional and big data with minimal effort, reduce time to market and be in a better position to mitigate the risks your business faces.

The main features of our business intelligence solutions are:

Client Centric Approach

For a business partnership to be successful, mutual collaboration is very important. This is why we’ll work closely with you to get a full grasp of your needs. You’re the core of our business. We approach every project we take on individually and carefully select the services that will benefit you the most.

Quality Assurance

Our engineers have a detailed knowledge of all standard test types. Our capabilities include performing unit, manual and automated testing. The role of our QA experts is to ensure that you have continuous and easy access to business-critical data. They will verify the analytical and reporting capabilities of your business applications and make sure they are operating flawlessly. We perform thorough testing of your software and systems. If any issue is found, a plan to correct it can immediately be put in place.

Planning and Deployment

By partnering with us, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that you’re always in control. You and your in-house teams will always have full access to everything we’re doing for you. This enables you to ask relevant questions or request changes. When delivering our business intelligence solutions, we use only proven and disruption free methods.

About Us

With over 14 years of industry experience, we’re one of the first software development agencies in San Francisco. Our team knows that technology is always changing and evolving. For this reason, we take pride in staying up-to-date with the latest technology, allowing us to provide timely answers to even the most complex software puzzles.

Our talent pool is highly motivated, results-oriented and shares a passion for constantly improving our processes and workflows. Our teams of software specialists, certified application developers, UI/UX experts, mobile developers, QA experts, security specialists and dedicated business analysts all work together to provide you with the best solutions. We have extensive experience working with companies of various sizes, including startups, SMBs and large enterprises.

What We Do

We offer business intelligence solutions that help your business meet all short and long-term goals. Our solutions will elevate your performance and help you make the right decisions to dominate your market. Thanks to our user-friendly reports that contribute to a fact-based corporate culture, your business will be able to gain the momentum it needs to stay ahead of the competition. Our BI experts will analyze your data and give you useful and actionable insights.

Quick Start

We know that time is of essence when delivering BI solutions. We’ll get started on your project quickly by performing an overview of your processes, operations and applications, then present solutions that will bring best results.

A True Extension of Your Team

You’ll get a dedicated team reporting directly to you and working exclusively on your project, collaborating with your in-house staff whenever and wherever needed.

Constant Availability

We have experts and operations on 3 continents, ensuring that our services are available in a time zone convenient to you. No matter where you do business, our services are accessible.

What We Offer

We offer business intelligence solutions that help your business meet all short and long-term goals. Our solutions will elevate your performance and help you make the right decisions to dominate your market. Thanks to our user-friendly reports that contribute to a fact-based corporate culture, your business will be able to gain the momentum it needs to stay ahead of the competition. Our BI experts will analyze your data and give you useful and actionable insights.

With our services, you can:

  • Modernize your data systems so that they can work together in a more efficient manner.
  • Optimize your current capabilities so that you can leverage various types of data to make more informed business decisions when it matters most.
  • Bring new data to your systems while avoiding problems caused by duplication.
  • Ensure maximum ROI thanks to in-depth data analysis.
  • Take advantage of the power with most advanced data analysis tools available.
  • Enjoy timely and successful implementation of BI solutions, including data preparation, data architecture optimization, analysis and testing.

We know how to tackle all of today’s and future implementation challenges head on. Whichever services your business requires, we can provide them.

Are you in search of a way to make the most informed business decisions? By leveraging our BI expertise, you’ll be able to optimize your data warehousing, analysis, and overview.

Get in touch with us today, our experienced BI consultants will be happy to help you get started.