API Integration

We offer microservices API integration solutions that seemingly integrate with your entire operations infrastructure. By using our services you can change the structure of your applications in a very positive way by simplifying the way they communicate with each other, in addition to making them more scalable.

Our API management systems are reliable, secure and adaptable to a variety of uses. They can also be used to modernize your legacy systems, turning them into highly flexible and independently deployable microservices applications.

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API Integration Solutions

A growing number of businesses have realized the advantages of using third party API integration solutions in the course of their business operations. API, an Application Programming Interface, allows software to interact with other programs in a similar way to a user interface facilitating interaction between a human user and a computer. While third party APIs can be useful for many companies, they often lack the features and customization potential your business needs.

By using our custom-made API integration solutions, your business is sure to get the proper features and functionality. Our API integration solutions are used by various businesses, such as startups, medium-sized companies and even large enterprises. Our team will construct a solution that is tailored specifically to the needs of your business, ensuring you get optimal performance throughout your whole business IT infrastructure.

We deliver full end-to-end services, from feasibility analysis and consulting, all the way to deploying robust solutions, and of course we also test and support them. We’re cater to our clients around the globe in a cost and time-efficient manner, giving you full insight at each step of the process.

About The Service

If you’re seeking a solution that has the power to keep all of your business applications and IT infrastructure performing optimally, look no further. Our extensive knowledge of API integration is currently being used by:

Innovative Startups

Small businesses who want the technology that lets them offer great services to their customers from the very start.

Mid-Sized Businesses

Growing companies who want a solution that will improve communications between their systems and make their tech easier to upgrade in the future.

Established industry leaders

Enterprises with more complex corporate information systems that want to focus on innovation, make all of their systems work together, and allow easier exchange of information between a variety of systems, including cloud-based and mobile devices.

Highest Quality API Integration

Today’s software-driven world requires that your systems be able to work together efficiently and exchange information seamlessly in real-time. By using our API integration solutions, you’ll get:

Long-term Partnership

Our goal isn't to just sell you software and walk away. Instead, we want to be a true partner and work towards the long-term success of your business. Our API integration services help you automate and streamline the most important information and integrate your services in a highly efficient manner. Thanks to our maintenance and support packages, you'll always be able to stay on top of any changes in technology.

Goal-oriented Approach

We have years of experience working on API integrations for a diverse range of clients. Whether your project involves systems that target consumers or other businesses, we can get it done. We have you covered, no matter what your needs are. Our team can help you if you're unsure of which API you need, you're searching for someone to develop custom APIs that will work well with your systems or you need help integrating APIs with your web apps.

Quick Development and Iterations

We can begin work on your solution quickly, without requiring detailed specifications. We analyze your requirements and offer an optimal solution that will help you accomplish your goals, whether these involve transforming your existing operations, integrating third party APIs with your website or web applications or anything else. You'll always be kept in the know about what we're doing for you and we'll adapt and iterate your solution based on your feedback.

Specialized Development

• We understand that linking standalone business applications can do wonders to automating and simplifying an organization's processes. Our API solutions help your software and third-party software communicate smoothly. Furthermore, all of our services are delivered in-house without outsourcing to external providers.

Minimum Disruption and Future Proof

We have significant experience creating complex SaaS solutions, together with web and mobile applications. This allows us to deliver API integration without disrupting your company's operations. Our experts use REST, XML-RPC, JSON, SOAP and other communication methods to make sure your APIs always communicate in the most efficient way possible. Should your systems need changes or upgrades in the future, we'll be around to make that happen.

Competitive Pricing

Our performance solutions are budget-friendly. By helping you choose an optimal API integration option, you can connect all of your processes at an affordable price.

API Integration Features

Thanks to our use of Agile methodology, we’re able to deliver API solutions that will integrate efficiently with all of your systems, as well as make your operations adaptable and resilient.

Client Centric Approach

Mutual collaboration is the key to success. This is why our team will work closely with your company’s staff to understand your business needs and prepare solutions that meet them. Whether you require an API for your employee attendance tracking system, social media marketing, payment systems, data validity checks, taxes, sales or accounting systems, we will find what works best. Our business analysts will highlight features that would be the best course of action for you.

Quality Assurance

Prior to deploying your API integration solution, we’ll conduct unit, manual and automated testing. The performance of your API will be thoroughly tested to ensure it works flawlessly across all systems and applications it’s connected to.

Agile Planning

Before getting started on the development phase, we always make a plan that outlines the API solutions which are the most appropriate for your business needs. Whether you need a dashboard that centralizes data from multiple sources or just a simple 3rd party API integration, we’ll come up with a plan and walk you through the details of how everything will happen in practice. We always use proven and disruption free methods, resulting in API integration that works exactly as intended right from the start.

About Us

For over 14 years, Daxima continues to be a leading San Francisco-based software development agency. We continuously stay on top of the latest technology so that we can provide answers to even the most complicated software puzzles. We have extensive experience and work closely with companies of various sizes that range from innovative startups to Fortune 100 companies. Our team is made up of software specialists, mobile development experts, UI/UX experts, certified application developers, security specialists, business analysts and QA specialists that have a solution for anything you require.

What We Offer

We take great pride in providing software development solutions that fit your budget, meet your goals, and are delivered on time.

Quick Start

As soon as we start working on your project, we’ll do an overview of your applications and operations to come up with a solution that brings them together in a way that genuinely improves your business.

An Extension of Your In-House Teams

Our experts can deliver their experience to you in any way you want. This includes integrating with your in-house development and IT teams.

Full Availability Whenever You Need Us

We have operations on 3 continents, which allows us to give you access to experts within your preferred time zone.

What We Do

We provide our clients with customized API integration solutions that answer the specific business requirements they have. Using our API solutions has many advantages for your business. With our custom APIs, you can automate your operations, seamlessly integrate with third-party APIs, run smarter operations and boost your company’s overall financial performance. Our team of API experts has experience working with all of the popular API providers, including Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, Amazon, Google and Many others.

Our services let you:

  • Transform your existing backend services with APIs.
  • Modernize your systems, taking advantage of the latest advancements in microservices technology.
  • Simplify your systems and reduce their operating and maintenance costs.
  • Iterate quickly, simplify deployment and significantly shorten time-to-market of your own products.
  • Enjoy systems that give you better performance, lower latency and better response times.
  • Bypass the limitations of legacy software by making them more agile and scalable thanks to modern API integration.
  • Enjoy everything that modern API powered architecture can offer, which lets you quickly respond to changes in your industry.
  • Provide better services to your customers at all times.

Our expertise lets us tackle the latest developments in technology and implementation methods head on. Whether the API integration services you need are simple and very straightforward or much more complex, we’ll always be able to come up with a solution that you’ll be fully satisfied with.

Do you want to bring your business to a whole new level by taking advantage of the power of APIs? By leveraging our strategic API integration solutions, you can drive business growth like never before. As we’d love to help you transform your business in a positive way, be sure to get in touch with us today!